How to Avoid Towing Scams?

With an authentic company, towing and storage fees can be relatively pricey. However, when your vehicle is being detained by a fraudulent business, it can cost a fortune. Typically, a tow truck might be the only means of getting your car the maintenance it requires, but certain towing and storage services take full advantage by offering assistance, only to exorbitantly overcharge you once the car has been moved. To guard against this possibility, Below are some tips for keeping towing scammers at bay.

  • Avoid unsolicited towing services

    It is vital to know who is helping you. The key is to at all times verify the individual or company that’s towing your vehicle. By no means should you accept services from a tow truck that happened to conveniently appear after your car broke down. Commonly referred to in the industry as "Scanner listeners”, they hang on to police scanners as a means to scoop up some business. This is particularly true if the tow truck lacks any signage, or they ask for any personal information such as your insurance details. Authenticate the credentials of the company.

  • Sign a Contract Agreement

    To guard against hefty service charges, get the agreement in writing. It should include all the details such as total service cost, number of operators necessary and the type of towing vehicle to be used. Under no circumstances should you permit anyone to tow your vehicle prior to you having a fixed price in writing. Ask for a printed invoice as it is vital for your records.

  • Do not dispense any personal information

    If the tow truck operator inquires about your insurance details, that should automatically be a cause for concern. Note that all the requisite information required, you’ve already submitted to either your tow service provider or insurance company. Thus, such individuals will only use this information to delve further into your personal life and scam you some more. This could not only be terribly unsafe but might result in identity theft as well. It is imperative not to reveal any irrelevant private information. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, kindly err on the side of caution.

  • Contact your insurance company

    Usually, police will summon a tow service to the scene of your broken down vehicle. Whereby they don’t, call your insurance agent promptly and have them recommend or even arrange a towing company on your behalf. Your insurance carrier is one of your best defenses against bandit towing firms. Hence it is crucial to identify a trustworthy provider within your financial means.

  • Because towing prices vary based on the total miles towed, it is crucial to identify and communicate your vehicles destination early. Unless otherwise restricted by your insurance or the car manufacturer, you should be able to tow your car to the destination of your choice.