Flat Tire Change


Flat tires are more than just inconvenient, they can be dangerous, especially if you are on a busy road and don’t know how to properly change a tire. Emergency tire change service is now available 24/7 at BC Towing Ltd. in Surrey, Delta, Langley and its surrounding areas. Our tire change service is fast and reliable.

When you use our tire change services to fix your flat, our trained and reliable professionals can put on your spare tire, if you have one. No spare? No problem! We can send a tow truck to tow you to the nearest tire shop or garage so you can get your tire repaired or buy and install a new one.

Log nut stuck? Log nuts can be hard to remove and need a special log key from the car manufacturer. If you don’t have the key, our towing services can tow your vehicle to the dealership or mechanic that does have the special log key so your flat tire can be repaired and you can be back on the road.

Spare, but no jack? Our services can help. We don’t rent tools (big liability issue) but our professional staff can perform the complete tire change for you, safely, quickly, and correctly.

Flat Tire Change Surrey