Tow Truck Fleet

Here at BC Towing our fleet is our pride and joy. What separates our company is the variety of specialized tow trucks that will be able to handle any sized job. We have a fleet of light duty trucks that are perfect for your normal tow jobs, as well most of our light duty trucks can also access underground parking lots, and get your vehicle out safe and sound. Our medium duty fleet has the ability to handle any of the highways that intertwine the Lower Mainland, and specialize in highway removal, and emergency tows no matter the weather. Finally, our heavy duty fleet of low boys is specialty designed for the heaviest of loads. No matter the size of the job, our fleet of trucks is there for you.

Our tow services are available 24/7 all year round, and no matter the size of the load, we have the vehicle for it. Our dispatchers are some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, and have the experience necessary to send the right truck to your job the first time. No matter the hour of the day, with BC Towing you will get the right truck, and personal every time.

With our fleet of trucks, no job is to big or small. We have the ability to tow your vehicle, and our fleet of trucks can handle 0-10’000 pounds for tows. With our state of the art wheel lift system, your vehicle will be in safe hands when being transported to the specified location. Finally, with the ability to enter underground garages, or handling emergency tows on the highway, we are the company that you should trust with your next tow. Find out why the fleet at BC Towing has continued to grow, and see the difference the experts here at BC Towing can make for you or your business.

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