Winch Out Service

Stuck in a ditch? Is your car trapped in a ravine or snow bank? Has your car went off the road and is stuck in a dangerous place and you can’t move it yourself? It happens, especially in the BC area, where we have severe terrain and weather conditions.

BC Towing has the winch-out equipment to safely pull your vehicle out of a ditch, snow, mud, or sand and get you up and running, and back on the road quickly. In most cases, with weather permitting, we can get a tow truck to you within 30 minutes.

We’ll pull your car using our winch-out. The winch is a motor with a pulley. At the end of the pulley is a long steel cable with a hook. This hook is attached to your vehicle’s frame. When we start up the motor, we’ll pull your vehicle back to a safe surface.

We provide the safe and reliable ton tow and recovery, specializing in winch out service. If your vehicle is damaged, we’ll tow you to the garage or mechanic of your choice. If you’ve damaged your tire, we offer tire changes. You can always expect a quick response time and courteous service.

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